Is there only one truth or are all religions equal?

There is no such thing as absolute truth! This is a typical slogan that fits nicely into our postmodernist time. We must rid ourselves of superior, fanatical jokers as we now have entered the new millennium.  Something may be right for you, something else for me. Everything is equal… This sounds tolerant and correct or? Admittedly, one claiming that there is no absolute truth, have already with the same statement undermined it, but is it just a technical quirk or a indication of a deeper problem with this position? If everything is relative, is not that statement also meaningless? And do we really believe that statement when we think about it? Isn’t it true that either you are wearing a jacket today, or you don’t?


That all religions essentially teach the same, is another classic of our time in line with relativism. This is helped by syncretism of religions; we pick some parts of many different beliefs and make our own faith. This is not surprising, considering how many different religious ideas we are bombarded with constantly. We have friends and neighbors who believe different things from our own Family. We read and see on television about other customs and traditions. So it’s pherhaps a somewhat “sporty” mentality to give everyone a little bit right? Then we don’t get any “losers” either? But isn’t it really the exact opposite that happens? Are we not instead not taking any religion seriously and indirectly also stating everyone false or invalid? We can give it a simple test:


Christianity teaches that Jesus is God who became man and that Jesus is the way to God. Other religions like Buddhism, Islam, Jehovah’s Witnesses and Judaism teaches that Jesus is not God. Ergo they can’t all be right in this or what? Here we must choose to believe either that Jesus was God or not. Not because we want to rank beliefs in relation to another, but because we want to take them all seriously and they claim different things.


Some may think its arrogant when Christians, in a world with so many different beliefs, say they have the one truth. A Christian would claim that people with other beliefs certainly can communicate and see a part of the truth, but that they are missing some important facts about life. Is the fact that there are different opinions about whats right a reason to say that everything or nothing is right? Rick Wade tried to illustrate this With the following example: “Some think wives should receive respect and love, some ignore their wives and some beats them. Who can say that someone is right or who is right?!” Same logic, but here it’s probably obvious to everyone how wrong it is to be relativistic. I’d say that even if one can doubt that one faith has the truth when there are so many opinions about things, one cannot conclude that no religion can have the absolute truth just since there are so many of them.