Some small thoughts in advent

There is light in the darkness. We are now in Advent. The time for waiting. Today is the sixth of December and the first Sunday of Advent. The countdown has started. Excitement and anticipation is in the air. We see in shops and homes lights and candles to shatted the darkness of the winter. Lighted trees are twinkling on porches with colors and candlesticks. Everything change when Christmas approaches, we get pixies, glitter, cake and marzipan pigs. But many are beginning to unwind; things need to be prepared and be planned for Christmas. 

But why all the fuss? What are we waiting for? A banal question perhaps, but in our commercial and hyped time it might be healthy to ask it anyway. The word Advent means not wait as we might think, but the arrival or coming. Advent is the time before Jesus’ coming to earth as we all know. But what’s this; to celebrate this birthday over 2000 years later? It’s a fantastic event when a person is born! I’ve experienced myself to be at the birth of my three children. But in addition to a new person coming into the world, it so happened that God also came into his creation in a radical way.


In Greek philosophy, Islam and many religions God is so majestic and remote that it is inconceivable or even blasphemous that he would make himself flesh and walk amongst us as a human. This part of Christian faith is perceived by many as the deepest blasphemy. But as Jesus demonstrated through being with prostitutes and publicans; Gods love far surpasses our thoughts. God saw that we were in error, we harmed each other, corrupted nature and did not seek fellowship with Him. Therefore, he came down from his heavenly throne to us. From praise of angels – to humiliation and disgust. He willingly let himself degrade like that because he loved us. I do not really understand how God’s love is. A love from Him who has the power to create the Cosmos. A love that made him come to his creation to suffer and endure. Had I done it without getting a rightful rage? Absolutely not!


With this world changing event it sure isn’t without reason we have counted the years before or after the birth of Christ. God gave us a new opportunity for fellowship with himself. There came a light into the darkness.