Jesus as saviour

In an earlier article we looked at Jesus as a man. Here we will look briefly at him as Christ, the saviour of man.

The Bible say God is holy (Exodus 11, 44; 1 Sam. 2, 2; Ps 99, 5; Isa. 6,3; Rev. 4, 8). Since God is pure Love he can’t withstand selfishness and evil. He is righteous and condemn the evil. We often choose to act against the will of God. One can almost say God is allergic to sin. He can’t tolerate sin in His presence. Gods very presence erradicates sin.


Thus, initially we were not able to be close to God. But the Bible say God want fellowship with us, and the solution to this was Jesus who died to grant us eternal relationship and life with God. He cleansed us in the face of God. Col. 2, 14 says: “The debt certificate which was contrary to us because of the law, he stroked out and took it away by nailing it to the cross”. (See article on Christianity’s core for more on this.)


So, isn’t this love and salvation sounding a little bit too cheap?

Yes, in a way it is. Christianity claim salvation (whatever it possibly can be we discuss in another article) is not not only cheap but actually totally free as a gift to us. Isaiah 55, 1 emphasizes that it is free with this image: “Buy and eat corn, come and buy without money, without wine and milk.” But that it’s free does certainly not mean that it only leads to peace and happiness for our lives here and now if we accept. It is a reason why Jesus said it like this in Luke 9, 23: “If anyone would come after me, let him deny himself and take up his cross daily and follow me.”


You are definitely not immune to evil and injury if you’re Christian.

Christians do stupid things as others, and they are exposed to bad things as others. So why bother then? Bishop Bondevik once said something like this: “I believe because it’s true.” And with that he meant that he did not believe because he could profit from it, but because Christianity was part of reality. Some believers point at faith giving them extra strength, while others would mention the hope of an eternal life.


This offer of salvation to life with God is thus given us freely.  Moreover, it doesn’t demand us to feel enough or even to be pious enough before we can consider ourself a Christian. The christians will still stumble, even though they are shaped by their faith. But then that is precisely why Christians believe Jesus is important? Because they do not consider themself to be perfect. For didn’t Jesus talk about finding the lost sheep, not to judge and to serve one another? Perhaps the fact that Jesus pushes all Our limits; demanding ethics, radical speach of love, his claims of Godhood at the same time as he washes Our feet, crossing the threeshold of Death. Pherhaps it’s what make us still being influenced by him? He transcended what and who was socially acceptable. He shatters our quasi tolerance by teaching that there is only one truth. He shatters our common sense by saying that he is more than a man. His own description of himself is:

“I am the way, the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me.” John 14, 6.