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  • Who am I or what are we?

    Who or what are we? We may quickly declare that we are humans. But what does that really mean? What is a man? We have all heard something about evolution and Darwin: In one way or another the first single-celled organism came alive. An astonishing and many would say improbable coincidence of ideal conditions for life, transformed the lifeless planet into a Place soon flourishing with life. One cell began to divide into two, and after many splits we got some cell divisions that had some differences, what we today call mutations, from the mother cell. Eventually we got multicellular organisms and as time passed it becames many different species. From simple microorganisms to different plant and animal species, first at sea and then an animal being the first to make the big step onto dry land. We can now share the animals into several main groups, one of which is Mammals. Here we find such diversity as whales, rats, goats and monkeys.

    So began one breed of monkeys, honestly a quite infirm and funny looking monkey without fur, to walk around on two legs while using their hands holding logs or rocks. They learned to make fire and became good at gathering plants and hunting other animals in packs. After thousands of years, a modest scale compared to the dinosaurs era, these monkeys have taken control of large parts of the globe. They split up different tribes and kill each other as well as other animals.

    But this apes has also made fascinating artwork, built up its own culture and been very adaptable during changing environment. They reflect on their own existence and Calls themself homo sapiens. Man. Humankind. So far from the story evolution can tell us. Well, are we animals? The answer might depend on what we put into it? You may choose multiple answers: A philosophical naturalist would say that we are only a monkey, but with slightly larger brain than the other apes. Their answer is thatthere are no essential difference between us and other animals. But is this the Whole answer? Or are we also something more? What does it mean for us and our dignity if we are an animal and only that? Whats our worth then? Are we special and uniqe, and if so why? Is it the fact that we look similar to each other in appearance or is it that we have higher IQ than other species?

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