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  • Doubt

    You are either on the inside or the outside, black or white! If you’re not with us then you are totally against us. Sometimes it can be like that. But often we are more in between. Maybe you do not feel so convinced as those around you? Maybe thoughts or feelings are a bit “gray” or mixed? You doubt. Is it right to do this? Was it a good way to meet her? Is it absolutely true as he said it? Should I invest more in this relationship? Should we wait to have sex? Is what I believe in completely wrong? Am I worth anything whatsoever? Does life really have a meaning?


    It is healthy with some skepticism and good to stop and ask critical questions to ourselves and our surroundings. Otherwise we are

    like hay that whizzes around with the wind, shapeless and colorless. I’d say it’s very healthy with a dose of doubt toward strong

    authority figures, the tabloid truths and our own prejudices. But there is also doubt of a kind that might be quite painful. Most types

    of doubt pass by rather quickly, but not all. It can drain us until exhaustion. Doubt may occur gradually and then become

    completely immersive, or it may be there as a longlasting “murmur” inside us.  Continue reading  Post ID 667

  • Why I belive… and why not

    There are many reasons why we either believe or not believe in religion. Reasons higly personal, often heavily influenced by emotions and things we’re not able to precicely define. It is very personal why we make the choices we make. Here you get a very brief sketch from some of my own walk between faith, disbelieve and doubt. I think of myself as the rational type, but can see how important emotions are also heavily impactin in my spiritual journey.

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