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  • Power – what is it and do I have Power?

    vektmanualerPower could be many things. Movies often tell a story about powerful being the best people to shoot or fight. Look at Statham, Bruce Willis, Clint Eastwood and the rest of the tough guys. The real men!? With guns and muscles to help getting their will… Tough.

    The backside of this glamor violence is when we look at it in real life: People who are beaten healthless by teens in blind “happy slapping”, or the mother who gets another black eye from her boyfriend. One can ask whether it really is a show of power when we are so helpless that we can’t get out of conflicts within ourselves or With others without violence. Well, its undeniably a form of power, but its simultaneously rather helplessly and pathetic. Pherhaps we can say this really is a form of external power, more than a personal, inner authority?

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